Grinding machines videos

tree crusher Dracom KDC-1303B

tree crusher Dracom KDC-1103B

Dracom PTO-1700N-1

SCUT HNK-600-1

Because it is KARUI, can do it.

Customer’s voice

After looking for a crusher on the Internet, light products are unpopular is zero.
Ask your local dealer, it had ordered from Yamagata to Odawara.

Put in place a bamboo grove with a  pulverizer, we make a bamboo chips.

When the feed to cattle bamboo chips are mixed with feed, it has been reduced the number of times the cattle to the diarrea. Recovery is also fast.

As an alternative of intestinal disorders, it has given a lot to the cattle.

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KARUI Grinding machines and pumps General Catalogue

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Kazunari Takahashi

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Seibu Industrial Park (Imonomachi 46-1),Yamagata-shi, Yamagata Pref., Japan, 〒990-2351