Customer’s voice

Here you can find feedback from customers who have purchased Calui products.

Processing branches after cutting down a garden tree

What used to be a sweaty manual work has become a quick and easy job.
In spite of its compact size, it can eat even the thickest branches.

Mr. Hiroo Munakata
(Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Treatment of tree branches and leaves

With the introduction of the crusher, the maintenance of abandoned land and abandoned forests has become a form of therapy (horticultural therapy), and the beautiful environment is very popular for its healing power.

Ibaraki Horticultural Therapy Study Group (IHT)
Ms. Yuka Mohri
(Moriya City, Ibaraki Prefecture)

Disposal of old bamboo

We had trouble disposing of old bamboos that were in the way due to the ban on wild fires, but with the introduction of a crusher, we were able to chip them and use them to cover pathways in the fields. The fresh bamboo was turned into powder and used as fertilizer. Two birds with one stone.

ECA Corporation
Eka Nature Farm
(Farm: Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture)

Disposal of pruned branches

In addition to reducing costs, spreading pruning chips as mulch has also been effective in controlling weed growth.

General Incorporated Association Aichi Prefecture Ryokka Center Cooperative Association
Staff members
 (Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture)

Processing of date trees

The jujube tree has sharp thorns that can penetrate gloves, and I was often injured when collecting branches after pruning. With the introduction of the crusher, they can now be safely disposed of locally.
We recommend this product to farmers who are struggling with fruit trees with strong thorns and bent branches.

Nac K.S. Corporation
Ms. Yoko Kaito
(Fukui Prefecture)

Utilize trees and branches as wood chips

We grow blueberries and spread wood chips on the roots, so we use the grinder to make a lot of wood chips.
I have replaced it twice because I use it hard.
I continue to use the ever-improving Karui grinder.

Fruit farmer
Mr. Toshiharu Abe
(Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture)

Pulverize bamboo that is no longer needed

With the ban on wild fires, we couldn’t burn the thinned bamboos and had a hard time finding a place to put them, but now we use the Karui crusher to break even the thickest bamboos into pieces and return them to the soil.
Tractor PTO products(*) are inexpensive, so I recommend them to those who have tractors.
*Products that can be powered by a tractor.

Vegetable Farmer 
Mr. Toshiaki Yamakawa
(Niigata Prefecture)

Treatment and utilization of bamboo on the site

We have been using a crusher to clear the bamboo forest and make bamboo chips.
When we mix the bamboo chips with feed and feed it to the cows, they have less diarrhea. They also recover faster.
We feed a lot of bamboo chips to the cows as a substitute for intestinal medication.

Beef cattle breeding management 
Mr. Itsuo Okino
(Higashihiroshima City)

Pulverize bamboo that is no longer needed

The question was whether the bamboo could be made finer.
When we showed the sample to the main contractor, they replied, “This fineness is OK.
This was the deciding factor for us to purchase the product.

Midoriei Landscaping and Civil Engineering Corporation
Mr. Shinozuka Mr. Koyama
(Kanagawa Prefecture) 

Pruning of pruned branches Crushing of pruned grape branches

Since I started using the grinder, the number of earthworms has increased in the field.
The soil is becoming softer and softer.

Grape farmer
Mr. Okazaki
(Takahata Town, Yamagata Prefecture)